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Turkish delegation discusses disabled access

The delegation from Adana said they held productive talks in London

Team from Adana aim to learn from Haringey’s example in special education needs

An eleven-strong team from a southern Turkish council was in Harringay this week to examine how local authorities in the UK provide accessibility to disabled people.

The delegation from Adana’s municipality are conducting research for the new “Centre for Unimpeded Living” that they aim to open in the city.

While in London they visited the Vale School, a special school catering for children with a range of special educational needs, and held talks with Poyraz Veysal Çadır and Şehriban Demir from the European Disabled Association.

They exchanged ideas on how to lift obstructions to vulnerable people’s lives, provide employment and aid their integration into society.

The team also visited the Edinburgh “Orwell Arts” education centre.

The centre in Adana aims to provide education and training services to help disabled people in the city with their social integration.