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Passengers ‘thrown out windows’ in Croydon tram crash

Seven people died in last November’s tram derailment near Sandilands station in south London

Fresh details into November’s fatal Croydon tram accident revealed

The driver of a Croydon tram that toppled over in an accident that killed seven passengers did not use the emergency brake, investigators have revealed.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch’s (RAIB) second report into the derailment said the fact the brake was not pressed “suggests the driver had lost awareness”.

Seven people died in the crash at 6.07am on 9 November last year near Sandilands, in south London.

The tram had been travelling from New Addington to Wimbledon via Croydon town centre.

According to the report, “The service brake was not applied until around 2.5 seconds before the tram reached the 20 km/h speed restriction sign.

“The tram’s speed had reduced from 78 km/h (49 mph) to 73 km/h (46 mph) by the time the tram passed the sign. The hazard brake was not used.

“The late application of the brakes, and the absence of emergency braking, suggests that the driver had lost awareness that he was approaching the tight, left-hand curve.

The RAIB produced fresh details into the crash, including the revelation that victims were thrown out of windows.

Of the seven fatalities, one was found inside the tram, two were partially outside, three were found beneath the vehicle and another was on the track, the report said.

London’s Transport Commissioner Mike Brown said TfL had taken action to prevent the circumstances that led to the accident.

He said: “Before resuming services on 18 November 2016, and in accordance with advice in the RAIB’s first interim report, additional speed restrictions and associated signage were introduced near Sandilands and at three other locations on the tram network.

“In January this year we installed chevron signs at four sites with significant bends including Sandilands to provide an additional visual cue for drivers. We have recently held a summit with other tram operators from around the country and continue to consider further safety measures that could be introduced.”