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Nick de Bois: I fought for Turkish exams

Nick de Bois, the Conservative candidate for the marginal Enfield North seat

In a letter to Haber, the Conservative candidate in Enfield North says he worked to secure the future of Turkish GCSE and A level exams while he was an MP

Dear Sir

On 8 June your readers face a clear choice about who should be Prime Minister: Theresa May, who will provide the strong and stable leadership for the Brexit negotiations and beyond, or a coalition of chaos under a weak Jeremy Corbyn.

I was the MP for Enfield North between May 2010 and May 2015, when I had the honour to represent many of your readers in Parliament. I was proud to be a strong local MP, supporting the many Turkish-speaking shops and businesses in Enfield, and helping with issues that really matter like housing, welfare and education problems for families.

One issue that was of great importance to the Turkish-speaking community was Turkish GCSE and A levels. I was the first Member of Parliament to realise that Turkish language exams were under threat of being abolished – so I secured a debate in the House of Commons and won a commitment from the Conservative Government to protect them. After the 2015 election, although I was no longer an MP, I continued to work with the Turkish-speaking community to ensure the exams were protected. I am very proud the community, with me as their representative, have been able to achieve that together.

Now, I am determined to earn your readers’ support at the General Election on 8 June. This election is about securing a strong and stable government for our bargaining position for Brexit, at an important time in the country’s future. Whatever our views on Brexit, it is important that we now come together to get the best possible deal for Britain and Enfield. Prime Minister Theresa May is ensuring that we protect our growing economy and do not risk the progress we have made – supporting the many small businesses and jobs within the Turkish-speaking community, so we can have the good schools, healthcare and public services that matter to us all.

In Enfield North, every vote for me as your MP and Theresa May as Prime Minster is a vote for a strong voice for the Turkish -speaking community. Together, we can ensure your priorities are heard at the very highest levels of government, just like we did when we protected Turkish language exams. A vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour candidate is a vote for weakness and uncertainty. The only way to be sure of the strength and stability we need is a vote for me, and Theresa May on 8th June.

Yours sincerely,

Nick de Bois
Conservative candidate
Enfield North