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Give us back our Soho building, says CTCA

CTCA UK president Leyla Kemal spoke at the organisation’s meeting last week

Turkish Cypriot group calls for return of headquarters near Oxford Street

The Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations (CTCA) in the UK has made a pitch to be handed formally control of the Turkish Cypriot community building in central London.

The building, on 34-35 D’Arblay Street, has long been used by a Turkish Cypriot organisation known as the KTC.

But CTCA leader Leyla Kemal said the KTC had since become members of the CTCA and that the building’s founding documents suggested they were joint owners.

However, their recent lobbying efforts with the Turkish Cypriot government and Turkey’s own minister for Cyprus, Tuğrul Türkeş, had not yet yielded results, she said.

Announcing the CTCA’s new website at ctcauk.com, Ms Kemal said they were planning several events to mark Turkish Cypriot centenary celebrations.

“The first day of Eid will also be the Turkish Cypriot festival on Sunday 25 June,” she said.

“There will also be stands at the Lee Valley Rugby Club field on Waltham Way.

“This will be followed by a promotion and reception event at the Imperial Hotel in Russell Square on 24 September and a book promotion and photography exhibition event in parliament on 27 November.”

Ms Kemal also urged Turkish Cypriots in the UK to ensure they adopt and retain citizenship of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

“We must be citizens so as not to lose our citizenship rights, and associations must inform their members on this matter,” she said.

CTCA UK is a non-profit umbrella organisation representing 22 British Turkish Cypriot Non-Governmental Organisations based throughout the United Kingdom.

Its website describes it as serving to empower the British Turkish Cypriot community through civic engagement, and supporting strong UK-Turkish Cypriot relations through education and advocacy.