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Enfield offers £800 to open up facilities

Local businesses can make up to £800 per year for opening up their facilities for free

Local council offers cash in exchange for making public lavatories open to the public for free

Enfield Council has reminded local businesses that it is still offering up to £800 per year if they open up their toilet facilities to passers-by.

The Community Toilet Scheme enables local businesses, such as pubs and restaurants, to make more clean, safe and accessible toilets available to the public regardless of whether or not users are customers.

“This is such a positive scheme that has so many far-reaching, positive benefits. Businesses can help their community and at the same time boost their customer base at no expense,” said Daniel Anderson, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment.

“Participation in the Community Toilet Scheme creates a positive image of your business, plus you can earn an annual payment to help towards costs.

“We would welcome new members to the Community Toilets Scheme.”

Businesses that sign up will be paid an annual fee, from £500 to £800, dependent on the facilities being provided.

Directional signage and window stickers will give information to the public and a dedicated area of Enfield Council’s website lists details of participating members, which is great publicity for all involved.

The Community Toilets Scheme idea was initiated in 2008 following pressure from Monty Meth, the President of Enfield’s Over 50s Forum.

He commented in a council press release: “The scheme has proven to be of great help to people who get ‘caught short’, especially mums with young children. It also helps the participating businesses who not only earn a tidy fee for providing this service, but also tell me it has attracted more customers.

“This is what matters in these tough times. I’d like to see more businesses getting involved, particularly restaurants and cafes, who already have the facilities. It would be good for them and good for their potential customers.”

There are already 28 members across the borough participating in the scheme. However, more members are needed in areas such as Bowes Road, N11 and some parts of Edmonton.

A map on Enfield Council’s website lists the presently-available public toilets in the borough.