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Yasar Halim has passed away

Mr Yasar Halim

Yasar Halim, well known shop owner has passed away at the age of 77 in the Whittington Hospital in Islington. The Cypriot Turkish businessman, who has been struggling with various health problems for a while, buried alongside his wife in his native Cyprus.

Mr.Halim moved to London in 1962 at the age of 19 and opened his first shop in 1981. Bringing a lot of Cypriot products to London, he catered for the whole Cypriot community in Harringay Green Lanes.

Yaşar Halim Supermarket, which has become one of the symbols of Haringey, where the first market is located, has become the first shopping address of thousands of consumers living in various regions of London and England, especially the Greek and Turkish Cypriots who are longing for their country.

Yaşar Halim, which is considered as one of the most successful businesses of not only the ethnic market but also the food sector, was shown as ‘One of the top 100 markets in the world’ by ‘Retail Week’, which was shown as one of the most important reference sources of the food industry in 2014.

Yasar, married his late wife Cemaliye in 1961, with whom he has two children, Yeşim and Mehmet.

Yasar Halim and his son Mehmet Halim