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Higher parking fee for diesel


Owners of more polluting cars will pay 50% more in central London from April

Diesel cars in central London will be charged an extra 50% in parking fees in a council effort to reduce air pollution.

The trial by Westminster City Council, which will cover parking bays in Fitzrovia, Hyde Park and Marylebone, will see diesel car owners paying £7.35 per hour to park.

The change will come into force on 3 April. The fee for parking a standard petrol car is £4.90.

David Harvey, Westminster’s cabinet member for the environment, said people would “think twice” about using highly polluting cars.

Last week London mayor Sadiq Khan issued the first “very high” air pollution alert for the city, warning older people and those with lung and heart problems to avoid strenuous activity outside.

A spokeswoman for Khan said: “Westminster has some of the most polluted roads in London which is why the Mayor is set to introduce a new ‘toxic’ charge for the dirtiest vehicles later this year on top of the congestion charge.

“He is also consulting on bringing forward and extending the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, and is cleaning up London’s bus fleet.”