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Four Turkish speakers in Enfield cabinet

Enfield Council’s Turkish-speaking cabinet members remain (clockwise from top-left): Yasemin Brett, Alev Cazimoğlu, Ayfer Orhan, and Ahmet Öykener.

Local council selects main decision-making body for the last time before 2018 local elections

Enfield Council selected a new mayor and chose a cabinet, including four Turkish speakers, at its annual Mayor Making meeting on Wednesday.

Christine Hamilton was selected as Mayor and her deputy will be Cllr Doris Jiagge. The Council also decided which politicians would hold cabinet posts for the next year.

The four existing Turkish-speaking cabinet members have retained their roles. They are:

Yasemin Brett (Community, Arts & Culture); Alev Cazimoğlu (Health & Social Care); Ayfer Orhan (Education, Children’s Services & Protection); and Ahmet Öykener (Housing & Housing Regeneration).

The new Mayor’s chosen charity will be called “Enfield Cares” and will work to raise money to support carers and caring in the borough over the next 12 months

The new mayor, Christine Hamilton

It will specifically raise cash for charities including All People All Places, MIND in Enfield, Tender Care, Nightingale Hospice and the Sickle cell & Thalassaemia Charity at North Middlesex Hospital.

Cllr Hamilton, said: “I am thrilled and honoured to have been chosen as Mayor of Enfield by my peers, I look forward to representing the borough and meeting as many people as possible as part of my mayoralty.

“During my year in office I will be working to raise money to support carers and caring in this borough to ensure everyone in Enfield has the best possible quality of life.”

Doug Taylor will continue to be leader while his deputy remains Achilleas Georgiou.