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İbrahim Doğuş to run for parliament in London

İbrahim Doğuş, Labour’s candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster

Ceftus director will be Labour candidate in June 8 election

İbrahim Doğuş, the Kurdish businessman and director of the Centre for Turkey Studies thinktank, has been selected as a Labour Party candidate in next month’s general election.

Mr Doğuş will stand in Cities of London and Westminster, a seat in the heart of the UK capital city that has been held by the governing Conservative Party for over half a century.

“I understand that as a Conservative safe seat, this constituency is supposed to be ‘unwinnable’.  But I want to give it a real try. I want to see if we can make a difference,” the Labour candidate said in a message on his website.

His message continued: “The Labour Party recently won historic victories in local elections in this constituency. The incumbent MP Mark Field shows little interest in his constituents.

“Turnouts are typically low but were higher for the EU membership referendum which saw a majority of residents vote to remain. Labour does not normally run a big campaign for the constituency.

“If we do it properly and campaign to make a difference at the financial, political and cultural heart of our country, we send a powerful message.”

Conservative MP Mark Field won the seat at the last general election in 2015 by a margin of 9,671 votes over his Labour rival.

The seat has been held by Conservatives since it was established in 1950.