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Security expert to speak on Turkey

Turkish security expert Metin Gürcan

Centre for Turkey Studies announces military analyst for upcoming central London event

Turkish security expert Metin Gürcan will be the speaker at the next Centre for Turkey Studies (Ceftus) event held in central London next week.

Dr Gürcan, a columnist and former military analyst, will present a model for ‘damage control’ in the Turkish security sphere following last year’s attempted coup d’etat.

A statement from Ceftus said he will look at Turkish civil-military relations, Turkey’s security architecture and security policies, and Turkey’s fight against the PKK, extreme Salafi/Jihadist networks and members of the Gulen movement in the post-coup and post-referendum context.

It continued: “In the aftermath of last year’s coup, Turkey faces a dilemma as to whether to monopolise state control of the military or democratise it. Monopolisation would take power away from the military elites and put it in the hands of the elected executive presidency, allowing for strict civilian control of the military.

“Democratisation on the other hand would see power spread between the elected president, the elected government, and parliamentary and civil society actors, such as academia, think tanks, and the media so as to create a more effective military oversight and monitoring system.”

This event will be chaired by King’s College London teaching fellow Francesco F. Milan from the Defence Studies Department.

Dr Gürcan will analyse the possible implications of a hasty and large-scale civilianisation process on the nature of Turkish civil-military relations. He will then explore the extent to which the Turkish military’s institutional identity has evolved from a “monolithic whole” into a “polylithic formation”, comprised of many separate micro-identities, reflecting the differing worldviews and attitudes towards change of various factions within the military elite.

The event will take place between 5 – 6.30pm on Monday 22 May at RUSI, 61 Whitehall, Westminster, London SW1A 2ET. Prior registration is required.